"A Friendly Authoritative Presence"
An increasing number of security companies due to competition from other security providers are offering only the very basics of security at standards far below what their clients deserve which eventually increases cost and personnel turnover. SGI Security Services provides premier security officers and service because we hire and train premier personnel. We look for the type of individual who will focus on their training because they expect to be the best at what they do and they know excellent training produces excellent performance. Our training officers are certified level 1, 2 & 3 security instructors. They have had Federal Protection Agency & First Responder Terrorism training. They have their NRA certification as pistol instructors. Trained in the use of straight baton, handcuffing & takedowns. Standard first aid, ASP tactical baton certified. Incident response to terrorist bombing course, advanced training (PPCT, handcuffing & car stops - regular and felony). Use of force; high risk warrants & civil papers; Introduction to hazmat. First response negotiation training for barricade & suicide. Vehicle chase & pursuit immobilization techniques.

Employment... with Synergy Group, Inc. requires passing an alcohol and drug test, background check, completing a probationary period, signing a confidentiality agreement and harassment policy statement. Formal training is required and provided by Synergy Group Inc. management. To apply for employment and/or training please use the contact page and provide the information requested. You will be contacted.