"A Friendly Authoritative Presence"
Alarm Dispatch & Armed Response ...
Why submit yourself or loved one(s) to the risk of encountering an intruder who will defend themselves at all cost from being captured. Let a professional certified and trained in the apprehension of criminals do the proper arrest for later trial and conviction. We have the same arrest powers as law enforcement.

Business or Residential ... Synergy Group, Inc. officers are notified by RADIO/ CELL PHONE and respond to meet authorities at the premises of the alarm activation to permit entry. Following each response our staff completes an incident report for the client. The security equipment is reset and the premises secured. Our officers may carry out prearranged instructions required by the client related to site equipment. Synergy Group offers this service as a combined response with client friends, employees or relatives or as Synergy Group officers only. The client may choose to have Synergy Group first or last on the response list. Click here to see a list of the many other protective services we provide our clients.

Key Lock Box... A high quality lock box is installed on the client premises where a key is kept to the client business or home. Usually a monitored alarm activation is reported to law enforcement or fire authorities for their response to an emergency. Typically, the property owner or a designated person also responds to the alarm to allow the authorities entry to the premises. Alternatively, an Synergy Group officer will respond on a 24/7/365 basis as designated agent for an absentee property owner or business owner.